WorldCat Recommender Service

This method provides recommendations for books and other materials based on data in WorldCat.

  • Status: Experimental
  • Sandbox access: No

The web service uses various characteristics of a sample work, such as classification numbers, subject headings, and genre terms, to provide a list of related works found in WorldCat. The list of recommendations may include books, ebooks, audiobooks, music, and video.

Developers can use the standard number (OCLC or ISBN)  to search for recommendations. Recommendations can be scoped to only those materials that are held by a particular library that participates in

Kindred Works is a sample application that uses the experimental WorldCat recommender service. The Kindred Works prototype is available at

What you get

A list (XML format) of recommended related resources and their basic metadata including Title, Author, ISBNs, format, and OCLC Number.

Who can use it

WorldCat Reccomender is available to anyone for non-commercial use.

Authentication & Authorization

This API does not require authentication.



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