Local Bibliographic Data Resource

What is a Local Bibliographic Data (LBD) Resource?

Using Local Bibliographic Data (LBD), you can add local information to a bibliographic record that is specific to your institution’s title; however, other institutions will not be able to see that information in the WorldCat master record and your users will only see your institution’s LBD

For further information on LBDs, what fields are supported, and where LBD information is displayed consult Working with LBDs.

URLs and Supported Operations

The Bibliographic Resource supports 3 operations.

Operation Resource URL HTTP Method Response Code
Create https://worldcat.org/lbd/data?inst={inst}&classificationScheme={scheme}&holdingLibraryCode={holdingLibraryCode} POST 201
Read https://worldcat.org/lbd/data/{accessionNumber}?classificationScheme={scheme}&holdingLibraryCode={holdingLibraryCode} GET 200
Update https://worldcat.org/lbd/data?inst={inst}&classificationScheme={scheme}&holdingLibraryCode={holdingLibraryCode} PUT 200
Delete https://worldcat.org/lbd/data?inst={inst}&classificationScheme={scheme}&holdingLibraryCode={holdingLibraryCode} DELETE 200
Search https://worldcat.org/lbd/search?oclcNumber={oclcNumber}&classificationScheme={scheme}&holdingLibraryCode={holdingLibraryCode} GET 200

HTTP Accept Types

The Metadata API Bibliographic Record Resource produces three different representations that can be sent back to clients. All three are representations serialize an AtomPub that wraps a bibliographic record. There are two XML serializations for MARC/XML and OCLC's native CDF records. The third serialization is a translation of the CDF record into JSON:

HTTP Request Content Types

When sending requests to the service to create and update records, you can send the serializations that are either wrapped or unwrapped:


Parameter Required? notes
inst No

Registry ID of the institution who is read or writing the local bibliographic record

Either this parameter or the instSymbol should be sent

instSymbol No

OCLC Symbol of the institution who is read or writing the local bibliographic record

Either this parameter or the inst should be sent

classificationScheme Yes  
holdingLibraryCode No Four letter holding code to set the holding on. Valid codes for a given institution can be obtained via a request for holding code resource
oclcNumber No OCLC Number you want to search for local bibliographic data resources by

Example Request

Read an LBD for OCLC Number 319501305 associated with the institution with the registryID 128807:



Key Fields in an LBD

Field Description
001 $a The control number of Accession number for the LBD
004 $a The OCLC Number the LBD is associated with
935 $a Local System Number - This field is required and must be unique for the associated OCLC number and the institution creating the LBD record. A timestamp may be used as a value if the LBD has no other associated local system number..
940 $a Institution Number - The MARC code for the organization that created the local bibliographic data. This code is the same type of code as is found in the 040 $a in the master bibliographic record.