The Terminology Services prototype will be retired 20 November 2015. A description of the project has been archived.

Terminology Services

Machine-readable access to a suite of seven controlled vocabularies and thesauri

  • Status: Experimental
  • Sandbox access: No

What you get

  • Search descriptions, concepts/headings in a particular controlled vocabulary
    • Book Industry Study Group Subject Headings (BISAC)
    • Faceted Application of Subject Terminology Subject headings (FAST)
    • GSAFDForm and Genre Terms
    • Library of Congress AC Subject Headings
    • Library of Congress Genre/Form Subject Headings
    • Library of Congress Subject Headings
    • Medical Subject Headings (MeSH)
    • Thesaurus for graphic materials: TGM I
    • Thesaurus for graphic materials: TGM II
  • View authority representation in a variety of formats
    • Concepts/headings
      • Preferred Terms
      • Alternate Terms
    • Broader and Narrow terms
    • Related terms
    • Notes
    • Classificaion/Category Number

Who can use it

Terminology Services is available to anyone for non-commercial use.

Authentication & Authorization

This API does not require authentication.

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