Authority Resource

URL and Supported Request

The Authority Resource supports one operation.

Operation Resource URL HTTP METHOD
Search{CQL Query} GET

Response Formats


Parameter Required? Description
Expected/Sample Value
query Yes CQL query  
operations No Operation to perform
  • searchRetrieve
  • scan
recordSchema No The record schema to return information in. By default MARC XML is returned
MARCXML - info:srw/schema/1/marcxml-v1.1
maximumRecords No The number of records to return per page. ex. 10  
startRecord No The record to start with. ex. 1  
responsePosition No The position to start the browse response from  
maximiumTerms No The maximium number of records to return in a browse

Query Indices

A list of possible indices to be used in SRU Search requests:

Index Description
cql.any All Fields
local.BirthDate Birthdate associated with authority
local.DeathDate Death Date associated with authority
local.FamilyName Family Name (aka Last name)
local.FirstName First Name
local.FuzzyFamilyName Fuzzy Match Family name
local.FuzzyFirstName Fuzzy Match First Name
local.FuzzyName Fuzzy Match any name
local.LCCN Library of Congress Number
local.PersonalName Personal Name associated with Authority. (Excludes corporate names)
local.Title TItle associated with authority (eg. Sir)

Example URLs

Search for Family Name "Austen and First Name Jane:

Browse for Family Name "Austen":