LC Name Authority File (LCNAF)

Developer access to a database of LC Authority records extracted from WorldCat.

  • Status: Experimental
  • Sandbox access: No

What you get

Access to LC Authority records extracted from WorldCat on a weekly basis. Search or browse database. View records in a variety of formats. The database has been in use since 2007. Likely all LC Authority records are present in this database, but only the Name records have been indexed. (Records with 100$k, 100$t, 100$v, 100$x or any 130 fields are present but not indexed.)

While this is marked as an "Experimental" service because it comes from OCLC Research, it has been in constant service since 2007. While it is not running on a machine operated by our production staff, it is automatically monitored by them, they have restart procedures in places when the service becomes unresponsive and problems are escalated by email when the restart fails to fix the problem.

Who can use it

LC Name Authority File is available to anyone for non-commercial use.

Authentication & Authorization

This API does not require authentication.


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