Apps which are intended to be installed into OCLC products or services must undergo a thorough certification process. This is true for all click-to-install apps, regardless of whether your institution plans to use your app at your location only or wishes to share it with the community. Certification ensures that high-level quality control remains in place for the user experience of a product or set of workflows in a library.

Developers are expected to upload and thoroughly test their slick-to-install apps in the Developer sandbox before applying for certification. Apps submitted for certification must comply with the Best Practices for Development and Best Practices for App development. Apps which do not meet the criteria for certification will be rejected and the developer informed of the changes necessary for the app to pass the certification process.

In order to request certification, a developer must upload their app to the Platform and test it in the Developer sandbox. Apps which have been uploaded have a status of Uploaded. Once a developer is statisfied with their app in the test environment, they can then request certification for their App.

Screen showing Uploaded status:

Once certification has been requested, the app will have a status of Needs Review. Screen showing Needs Review status:

Staff at OCLC will review the app. They will examine it for security concerns and perform functional testing. Staff will then either accept or reject the app. If the app is accepted, it will be assigned a new status. Screen showing Approved status:

At this point, a developer will be able to publish the application either for their own institution or for the community. Once an app is published, the ststus will update. Screen showing Published status:

If the app is rejected, it will be assigned the status of Rejected,. The developer will receive an email which will outline why the app was rejected. Once the error(s) are fixed, the developer can upload a new version of the app and re-initiatie the certification process on this version. Screen showing Rejected status:

If you feel your app has been rejected in error, or need help in making corrections to your code, feel free to contact Developer Network staff, visit the OCLC Developer Network office hours or post your question to the relevant Developer Network group.

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