WSKey Lite

WSKey Lite is the simplest authentication pattern for OCLC web services. This pattern is only used by read-only web service as it is relatively insecure. To authenticate using WSKey Lite clients can either

  • Pass a WSKey HTTP header which includes the value of the WSKey
    wskey: jdfRzYZbLc8HZXFByyyLGrUqTOOmkJOAPi4tAN0E7xI3hgE2xDgwJ7YPtkwM6W3ol5yz0d0JHgE1G2Wa
  • Pass a wskey query parameter set to the value of the WSKey

Example Request WSKey in Authorization header

GET /illpolicies/servicePolicy/128807 HTTP/1.1
Connection: close
Accept: application/atom+xml
wskey: jdfRzYZbLc8HZXFByyyLGrUqTOOmkJOAPi4tAN0E7xI3hgE2xDgwJ7YPtkwM6W3ol5yz0d0JHgE1G2Wa


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