WorldShare Interlibrary Loan Release – June 2015

A new release of WorldShare Interlibrary Loan took place on 7 June 2015. This release contains many requested enhancements and new features including:

  • Book-club features that let you request and track multiple copies
  • Validations that help ensure only desired charges are triggered: WorldShare Interlibrary Loan now lets you know if your ILL or IFM charge exceeds the borrower’s maximum cost, as well as if you have specified IFM payment, but the borrower has not.
  • Patron ID no longer passed to lender: For patron privacy, borrower data is no longer passed to the lenders who are not using WorldShare Interlibrary Loan (e.g., Clio).
  • Clarified “Can you supply?” message: When saving a “Can you supply?” request, the message is now more specific.
  • IFM pilot of charges triggered on Shipped: In the coming weeks, several libraries will help OCLC pilot test a new workflow in which IFM payments will be triggered when the lender marks the request as Shipped. Release of this feature to all libraries is planned for August 2015, and the ability to grant IFM refunds is targeted for the following release.

The release notes for this install are available on the OCLC website. 

REGISTER - Release Update Session

To help you become familiar with the new features, enhancements and improvements included in this release, an update session will be offered on 9 June 2015. This session will be recorded and archived for future viewing on the event page.

WorldShare Interlibrary Loan Release Update - June 2015 Release
Tuesday, 9 June 2015
3:30 pm, US Eastern Time