CONTENTdm Featured Collections

Organizations worldwide are using CONTENTdm digital collection management software to create thousands of outstanding digital collections and to provide easy access to their unique holdings.

This month, four CONTENTdm collections are featured on the OCLC website. The featured collections for May are World War I and II Posters, the Goucher College Printed Music Collection, the Robert F. Stroud Collection, and Seedbed Mathematics Teaching Journal.

World War I and II Posters

Berea College

Addressing themes such as military recruitment and enlistment, fundraising, communications, and the social, economic, and industrial aspects of the wars, these posters illustrate the power of images and words. Many of the posters include artwork by anonymous creators, but several well-known artists, illustrators, and graphic artists are also represented.


Goucher College Printed Music Collection

Goucher College

This collection contains sheet music from before the Civil War up through the 1970s. Chrystelle Trump Bond, a professor of dance at Goucher College, donated the majority of the materials after a lifetime of collecting. The late 19th and early 20th centuries are well represented, and most of the music is dance-related with parts for piano and voice.


Robert F. Stroud Collection

Missouri State University

Robert F. Stroud spent most of his life incarcerated in federal prisons. Famous as the "Birdman of Alcatraz", he wrote several articles and books on birds and treatment of bird diseases, many of which were published. He also wrote the manuscript in this collection: Looking Outward: An Historical and Analytical Story of the Federal Prison System from the Inside.


Seedbed Mathematics Teaching Journal

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

From 1979 through 1993, the School of Education at SIUE published Seedbed, an innovative grassroots journal intended to facilitate the sharing of ideas regarding the teaching of mathematics among a network of schoolteachers. Dr. Thomas Clement O'Brien served as the guiding force and editor for Seedbed throughout its lifespan. This collection contains all 42 published issues of the journal.