Increasing visibility of digital content: a new release of WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway

OCLC is pleased to announce a new release of WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway release (version 2.8). The Digital Collection Gateway is the self-service tool that enables repository managers to expose their library's, museum's or archives' metadata through WorldCat and all of its syndicates.

Features of the new release (version 2.8)

With this new release, OCLC has added more features to support increasing the visibility of unique, open access digital collections, including:

  • Thumbnail mapping. If your repository metadata includes thumbnail URLs you can now map that URL so the thumbnail will be displayed in WorldCat Local and
  • A-Z List. Any repository you've registered is always included in the A-Z List of contributors to the OAIster collection in WorldCat. If you include a repository description in the OAI Identify response from your repository those details are included in the A-Z List entry for your repository.
  • Collection descriptions. If your repository includes descriptions of its collections in the OAI ListSets response those descriptions are included in WorldCat as collection description records. The Digital Collection Gateway adds value to collection descriptions and item records when collection descriptions exist. The Digital Collection Gateway adds search links to retrieve all the items in a collection, and each item record includes a link to its associated collection description.

Features released earlier in 2012

In addition, these Digital Collection Gateway features, which were released earlier in 2012, have been enhanced for better performance in version 2.8:

  • Search capability added to metadata map function. Users can now search for a specific OAI record identifier when editing the metadata map for a collection. This feature becomes useful for large collections that may have particular records with characteristics that cause validation errors. The user can look up the OAI record identifier in the Gateway Sync Report, then paste that into the search box to navigate directly to the record in error.
  • More MARC notes fields available for mapping. When a user selects More -> Show Unmapped Fields they are presented with many more MARC "notes" field options to support digital content descriptions. New fields include 518, 520, 530, 533, and 820.
  • Detailed help for Repository Registration Test. When a user is registering a new repository they are presented with detailed troubleshooting help after their repository has had the Digital Collection Gateway's compatibility tests run against it.
  • Gateway updates repository display name if it changes. If a repository changes the display name of the repository in the OAI-PMH Identify response, the Digital Collection Gateway will pick up this change and use it in all user interface displays. Prior to this the Digital Collection Gateway saved the display name at registration time and never updated it.

Many thanks to all the Digital Collection Gateway users, CONTENTdm and other OAI repository administrators, who suggested these useful feature enhancements!