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ARC Ambassador Program

Represent OCLC and ARC as an Ambassador

Barbara Preece

OCLC’s member leadership is currently focused on strengthening the cooperative community and increasing general awareness of the ARC. As an ARC Ambassador, your role is to support these objectives by making contributions in three key areas:

Regional Focus—We are promoting membership participation and engagement across ARC sub-regions.

Focus on the Cooperative—We are focusing on the cooperative nature of OCLC as a membership organization.

Engage Members
—We are engaging OCLC ARC members by keeping them current on opportunities to participate at regional and global levels.

We look forward to having you help us share information available to members throughout the Americas by acting as an ARC Ambassador. This kit is full of tips and materials for you to use.

—Jane Treadwell, Chair (2013–2014), OCLC Americas Regional Council

Here are some links to several tools to help you be effective as an ambassador for ARC. Also, feel free to send an e-mail to