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Licensing options

CONTENTdm offers multiple licensing options, based on collection size, enabling you to choose the right license level for your project’s size and budget. You can start small and expand your license seamlessly as your digital collections grow. Your choice depends on both the timing of your digital collection building and the availability of funds.

Included with your CONTENTdm license

  • CONTENTdm Server (installed on a single system)
  • Project Client software (can be installed on multiple workstations for distributed use)
  • JPEG2000 (capability for viewing large files without the need for Web browser plug-ins)
  • OCR Extension (included with some license levels; can be added to any license)
  • Flex Loader

Additionally, your license includes future software upgrades; participation in user forums and blogs; invitations to regional and national user group meetings; full access to the CONTENTdm User Support Center, which includes step-by-step tutorials for collection building; and collection metadata harvesting to WorldCat.

CONTENTdm license levels based on collection size

Level Number of digital items* Total project clients** OCR project clients
Quick Start
3,000*** 3 0
1 10,000 50 0
2 50,000 52 2
3 Unlimited 54 4

* Items—A stored image is a scanned file such as a photograph, a page in a book, a PDF, or one side of a postcard. A compound object is counted as the number of pages plus one for the compound object record (e.g., 10-page document counts as 11 items).

** All Project Clients include JPEG2000.

*** 3,000 items or 10 GB for CONTENTdm Quick Start.

CONTENTdm for FirstSearch subscribers

An entry-scale hosted version of CONTENTdm is available, at no additional charge, for OCLC FirstSearch  subscribers. More details are available.

The CONTENTdm Quick Start option

The Quick Start option is for smaller organizations, departments within larger organizations and groups wanting a scalable path to get started.

It offers the power of CONTENTdm at an entry-level price and includes full OCLC support. Quick Start provides a hosted environment with secure, cost-effective systems support and allows you to get started on your digital collections immediately. Upgrade options to other levels allow you to expand your license as your collections grow.

CONTENTdm Hosting Services

Would you prefer OCLC staff to install your software and configure your initial CONTENTdm Web site for you on OCLC servers? You may want to consider CONTENTdm Hosting Services.

For more information, please contact your OCLC representative, your nearest OCLC office or e-mail us.

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