Frequently Asked Questions: FY2012 Modifications to OCLC Ordering, Billing Options and Payment support

For nearly 40 years, FEDLINK and OCLC have collaborated to deliver leading-edge and personalized services to US federal libraries. In 2011, OCLC renewed its agreement with FEDLINK to continue the uninterrupted delivery of OCLC services.

This renewed agreement between OCLC and FEDLINK brings a few changes to procedures for ordering OCLC services and adds the option to use FEDLINK Direct Express. The primary change is that effective October 1, OCLC will be your first point of contact for questions regarding OCLC orders and pricing.

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about this transition to help you prepare for the change.

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What do I need to do differently to procure OCLC services for FY2012?

If you continue to have a FEDLINK Transfer Pay OCLC account, you don’t do anything differently in FY2012 to continue using OCLC. If you are interested in other purchase options, please contact FEDLINK or OCLC.

What’s changing?

When you place an order for new services you will send the order directly to OCLC. You will also receive quotes for services due for renewal (e.g., for cataloging, ILL/resource sharing or FirstSearch) directly from OCLC. You will now work with OCLC to confirm the renewal, get answers to questions and request changes to  subscriptions.

How will the new contract affect my OCLC ordering and billing?

There are two primary changes in the new agreement between OCLC and FEDLINK:

  • OCLC is now the point of contact for managing all ordering services for federal Libraries.
  • Federal libraries can now choose to use the Direct Express purchasing option for OCLC services covered under the FEDLINK contract with OCLC.

When will the changes take effect?

Beginning October 1, 2011, the management of your OCLC purchases and orders will transfer to OCLC. Prior to this new fiscal year, these responsibilities were managed by FEDLINK. OCLC will now verify that your orders are authorized by a federal contracting officer, and will process orders funded by the Delivery Orders provided by FEDLINK or by purchase orders provided by your library.

May I still contact a FEDLINK Network Librarian?

Yes. FEDLINK will still continue to be the contract administrators for the FEDLINK OCLC contract. Please contact Holly Kerwin at 1-202-707-4854 or if you need assistance and aren’t sure whom to contact. Lynn McDonald is Holly's back-up at 1-202-707-4832. For any questions about ordering or renewing OCLC services, please contact OCLC at

Who do I call if I have questions about my Direct Express OCLC invoice?

For questions about your OCLC invoice or invoice payment on Direct Express orders, please contact Shelly Roy at OCLC at 1-800-848-5878.

Who do I call if I have questions about using OCLC products/services (i.e., add/change authorization #s, access to the systems, information about a new product/service, etc.)?

Contact OCLC Customer Support at 1-800-848-5800 or

Who do I call if I have a question about my FEDLINK Transfer Pay OCLC account (i.e., add/move funds, invoice errors or FEDLINK statement concerns, general questions about FEDLINK Delivery Orders, etc.)?

Contact FEDLINK’s Fiscal Hotline at 202-707-4900.

Who do I call about ordering or renewing my OCLC services?

To place an order or renew a service, contact or 1-800-848-5878.

To obtain a quote for new OCLC services, contact or 1-800-848-5878.

Account Management

What are my options for purchasing OCLC services under the new agreement?

The agreement continues to offer FEDLINK members the Transfer Pay option for ordering and paying for OCLC services. In addition, federal libraries can now order products and services using the Direct Express option under this same federal agreement with OCLC.

Transfer Pay: Libraries can continue to purchase OCLC services using Transfer Pay as before. OCLC will track purchases and reconcile expenditures against Delivery Orders received from FEDLINK. If orders are placed without a Delivery Order, OCLC will contact the library IAG requesting a status of available funds before the transaction can be completed. OCLC will also monitor renewals for OCLC products and services, and as needed, and work with FEDLINK regarding payment. Unless indicated otherwise by the library, OCLC will assume the Transfer Pay option is being used for new purchases and renewals.

Direct Express: Libraries can now purchase from OCLC using the Direct Express option. Simply submit a purchase order referencing the FEDLINK contract number LC11C7301 and indicate if this is a Direct Express order. When invoicing for these services, OCLC will automatically add the FEDLINK 0.75% Direct Express fee to the purchase under product code (i.e., Contract Line Item Number) DIR0962.

Will my OCLC invoices change?

For those libraries using Transfer Pay, the OCLC invoice that is attached to your FEDLINK statement will continue to show all charges that were incurred that month. It will also indicate your Delivery Order number and FEDLINK ID. Invoices will no longer show the online transactions that are zero-billed. You can obtain online transaction statistics by accessing

How will I receive my OCLC invoice?

Transfer Pay customers will continue to receive their invoices and monthly statements as you do now. Libraries that use the Direct Express option will receive their invoices directly from OCLC at the address provided to OCLC by the library on the purchase order.

How do I pay my OCLC invoices?

For Transfer Pay, FEDLINK will continue to manage the payment of your OCLC invoices. For purchases made without adequate funding or a Delivery Order in place, invoices will be rejected for payment and returned to OCLC. The IAG point of contact will also receive a copy of the rejected invoice. OCLC will work with FEDLINK and the IAG point of contact to resubmit the invoice for payment.

For orders placed using the Direct Express option, your agency will receive an invoice from OCLC at the billing address you provide on the purchase order. The agency will submit payment directly to OCLC. Please submit purchase orders to OCLC at Order Services, 6565 Kilgour Place, Dublin, OH 43017 / Fax: 1-888-339-3921 / Email:

Does OCLC accept credit cards for Direct Express payments?

Yes. OCLC accepts American Express, Visa and MasterCard. There is no additional charge if you choose to pay by credit card. The maximum charge that can be paid with a credit card is $10,000.00 USD per transaction. There is no minimum.

Will the annual renewal process be affected (i.e., Cataloging, Resource Sharing, Access, FirstSearch databases, QuestionPoint, CONTENTdm, etc.)?

Annual renewals will continue on the same schedule for each service as they did for FY2011. OCLC will send annual renewal notifications directly to the library.

Group Services

Will the changes affect my billing if I am part of a group?

Group Services will be handled the same as before; however, OCLC will provide annual quotes, renewals and make any account changes necessary. All communication will be handled through the IAG contact for the library.

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