The digital and information environment is rapidly changing, and now’s the time to plan for your library’s future. What strategic direction should your library take? How do you know you are choosing the right path for students, faculty and your library staff?

Throughout this series, you will see how OCLC is using partnerships with over 300 organizations and cooperation among 16,737 members to help libraries be more visible, save time and money by streamlining workflows, and increase library staff efficiency and satisfaction. 

Using library services to create a different future for your library

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Andrew Pace  

During this session, you will learn how:                Follow

  • Creating a different future for library services gives librarians a comprehensive and cost-effective way to manage workflows
  • A next-generation ILS can improve access to library collections and services
  • The University of Nebraska Omaha's library chose to keep up with emerging trends in technology by choosing OCLC WorldShare® Management Services.

Making changes now to shape your library for the future

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Tim Bucknall and Rob Ross  

During this session, you will learn why:

  • Choosing the right path for your library now is important for your library's future
  • Changing to WorldShare Management Services was the right choice for the University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • Practical tips can help you champion change at your library.

Partnerships that engage end users now and into the future

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Doug Loynes

During this session, you will learn how OCLC partnerships with over 300 organizations:

  • Provide value back to OCLC members through exchange of data, connecting workflows and sharing applications
  • Make it easier to find content you and your patrons need and save your library time and money in cataloging, collection management, acquisitions and other areas
  • Allow your collections to be syndicated across the Web for broad exposure, bringing searchers back to your library.

Exploring shifting changes in user engagement

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Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Ph.D. 

During this session, you will learn about:              Follow

  • Research that identifies the shifting changes in users' engagement with the information environment
  • How research can help to develop better ways to attract and sustain new groups of lifelong learners
  • Strategies to position the role of the library within the workflows of students and faculty.

"It isn't just a matter of choosing the right flavor of commercial ILS, but it's really a question of what kind of strategic direction is best for your ILS in the future. We looked at ... ways to get to where we wanted to be five to ten years from now." ~ Tim Bucknall

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