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The WorldCat Search API

  • The API gives you access to over 244M items in and over 2B library holdings from 73,000 libraries world-wide.
  • The API is currently successfully in use in over 30 partners' sites and applications, where last year our partners make over 60M API calls satisfying their patrons' needs.


  • Use of the API for testing and development is free - but subject to Terms and Conditions (see below).
  • Note: The Terms and Conditions for access to the Production API require our partners to meet defined performance and contribution criteria.

For questions, please contact:


Company Contact Information

Notice Provision Contact Information

For notification of breach of contract or termination, if different from above.

*Will your product be marketed and available via an apps store, website or via another product offering?

*Will your product be available for a fee?

*Does your usage depend upon long-term storage of WorldCat data?

For example, for creating bibliographic citations, for incorporating into a search index, etc..

*Our standard policy is to allow for a maximum 72 hours cache with no long-term data retention. Could your product fit this model of usage?

Do any additional OCLC Products or Services need to be covered by this agreement?

Institutional Registry, xISBN service, widgets or web linking? Check our Developer page ( for more information.

*Does your company have any other agreements or relationships already in place with OCLC?

Terms and Conditions

*Do you affirm that you are authorized to submit this order form and thereby order WorldCat Search API on behalf of the institution, and do you agree to the WorldCat Search API Terms and Conditions?

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