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Web Harvester is accessed via Connexion client using your OCLC cataloging service authorizations. Web Harvester access can be added to one, all, or a select number of your institution’s cataloging authorizations.

Note: Use of Web Harvester requires a CONTENTdm license, the CONTENTdm Hosting Service and an OCLC Cataloging subscription. Contact your Billing Partner or OCLC to order these services.


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Web harvested data is automatically sent to your hosted CONTENTdm instance for access and further collection administration.  Web Harvester users automatically receive access to Connexion digital import functionality.


*Choose one of the following:

Digital Archive (optional)

The OCLC Digital Archive provides additional protection and security for your data, including regular virus checks, fixity checks, and back-ups.  With this additional feature, digital master copies of all the digital content you submit to CONTENTdm via Connexion client (using Connexion digital import and Web Harvester) will also be sent to the Digital Archive.

Would you like to add the Digital Archive service?


Printable version of the OCLC Web Harvester Terms and Conditions (opens in a new window)

If you have opted in to using the OCLC Digital Archive, you also confirm that the institution has read and agrees to the OCLC Digital Archive License Terms and Conditions.

*Do you affirm that you are authorized to submit this order form and thereby order OCLC Web Harvester on behalf of the institution, and do you agree to the OCLC Web Harvester Terms and Conditions?

Subscription Information

Your subscription will begin in the month we receive your order and continue for one year. A renewal notice will be sent to you 60 days prior to the expiration date. If you take no action, your subscription will be renewed automatically and you will be billed for the next year’s subscription.

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