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WorldCat knowledge base activation request

WorldCat knowledge base and WorldShare Metadata Collection Manager work together to manage your electronic resource holdings and expose a consistent view of your resources to WorldCat and other OCLC applications.

Use this form to gain access to build your WorldCat knowledge base and/or to use Collection Manager options. Activation allows you to:

  • Display full-text access links to your electronic resources in your OCLC discovery interface (WorldCat Discovery, WorldCat Local, and WorldShare Management Services libraries)
  • Set and maintain holdings in WorldCat
  • Share and deflect both articles and e-books through WorldShare ILL and ILLiad
  • Receive customizable WorldCat MARC records that include your library’s access link(s) and ongoing delivery of updated records
  • Utilize your title metadata for OCLC’s integrated link resolver and A to Z list

In addition, you have options to receive MARC records based on queries of WorldCat, and if you have added holdings in WorldCat or added LHRs via other OCLC services, you can receive updated records for holdings and/or have LHRs included with your records.

WorldCat knowledge base is included in your OCLC Cataloging or CatExpress subscription.

To use your WorldCat knowledge base metadata in a particular application, a subscription to that application or service may be required. See additional details about the WorldCat knowledge base.


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