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The OCLC Cataloging Institution Record (IR) Subscription is a custom quote based upon your library’s annual OCLC Cataloging Subscription. You must have an OCLC Cataloging Subscription in order to have an IR Subscription. Please contact your Billing Partner for the amount. Your OCLC Cataloging Institution Record Subscription can be billed either annually or divided into 12 equal monthly payments. Select your desired billing frequency preference below and enter your IR subscription amount in the provided space.

Your Institution Record Subscription covers IR record creation and maintenance activity done either online using Connexion, Z39.50 Cataloging or via batchload.  If you wish to maintain your IRs via batchload, please see Batchload.


For Connexion and Z39.50 Cataloging, institution record functionality is controlled by the authorization that you use. You can have IR capabilities added to existing Full or higher Cataloging authorizations, or you can request new authorizations specifically for this activity. However, IR cannot be added to Cataloging Agent authorizations at this time.

If you wish to add IR capabilities to existing Cataloging authorizations, please complete the following.

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