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The gold standard in original cataloging

Connexion is the definitive tool for OCLC member institutions to perform original cataloging, adding records for new resources to WorldCat's global collective. With Connexion, you can:

  • Check WorldCat to see if a record for the title exists, or for a close match you can use to derive a new record.
  • Create a record in one of three ways: Derive a new record from an existing record and modify content; enter content for each field in a blank workform; or begin with fields extracted or generated from an electronic resource. Be sure you've reviewed OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards for guidelines on when to create a new record.
  • Use constant data, notes and other data you use frequently when creating or editing a particular category of bibliographic record, to save keystrokes. Constant data can be applied as a default, or selected from a stored data record. When extracting metadata from an electronic resource, you can merge your default constant data with the extracted information Connexion supplies in the base record.
  • Validate the record, and check WorldCat again to verify no one else has created a duplicate record since you began working, then take the Update Holdings or the Produce and Update Holdings action to add it to WorldCat and set your library's holdings. If authorized, add your institution record. You may also take the Save Record action to place the record in your bibliographic save file for further review or editing.
  • Export your record individually or with other records you've created.

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