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Processing and update options

WorldCat Collection Sets have the following service options:

Processing options

Various record processing options are available:

  • Add constant data fields
  • Delete fields
  • Add 049 holding library code
  • Customize call numbers (available for most microform sets)
  • Omit records that already have your holdings in WorldCat

For electronic sets, additional options include:

  • Replace 856 fields (Electronic Location and Access) with a single 856 field of your choice
  • Replace (or add, if none exists) public note (‡z) in 856 fields
  • Retain only the 856 fields that contain the domain URL (available for most electronic sets)

Update option

In some cases, OCLC can create a standing order to automatically update a Collection Set with records that have been added to the set since its purchase. Billing for the update is automatic.

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