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CBS at a glance

CBS has proven its value as a leading edge bibliographic utility for major library consortia around the world.

CBS offers a completely scalable approach to the building and maintenance of bibliographic databases. It can be configured to cater for multiple metadata types and formats (from MARC21 and UNIMARC to any other localised format).

CBS can be linked to WorldCat. This link (based on the SRU protocol) enables an instantaneous, bi-directional synchronisation of bibliographic data.

Library consortia implementing catalogues using CBS are viewed by OCLC as ‘partners’ with regular meetings convened between CBS partners and OCLC.


  • Tried and tested software in use by major library consortia all over the world for over thirty years.
  • A partnership approach to developing catalogues and services based on CBS software.
  • CBS offers complete flexibility in the choices a consortium has to make. Catalogues using CBS can be configured to handle multiple metadata types and formats and an install of the software can be hosted either onsite at a partner institution or by OCLC.
  • Whatever the objectives of union catalogue activity might be - to facilitate shared cataloguing, interlibrary loan or end user resource discovery – CBS has a suite of components available to do the job.
  • Regional cataloguing activity can now be synchronous with global exposure of library collections, through up to the minute updating on WorldCat.


CBS offers the following:

  • Batch Import - for batch loading bibliographic and authority records with efficient record conversion and matching/merging facilities.
  • Batch Export - for record conversion and sorting with ability to apply style sheets for layout.
  • Synchronisation - online update function (SRU protocol). The client can synchronise with WorldCat and the target is used for loading updates in the CBS database from local or regional catalogues.
  • Management Information - providing online statistics about the system, usage and database characteristics. The data can be configured using Business Objects for presentation purposes.
  • Z39.50 and SRU Update - functions allowing local cataloguing clients to integrate local cataloguing processes with shared union cataloguing processes.
  • Interlibrary Loan Functionality - for creation and maintenance of ILL requests with automatic holding analyses based on the detailed library holdings information maintained in the CBS union catalogue database.

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