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WorldCat® Cataloging Partners

WorldCat Cataloging Partners checklist

You will need to have a conversation with your materials vendor(s) concerning the following items:

  • Valid account number(s)
  • Any data elements needed (such as barcodes, list/net price, etc.)
  • Any physical processing that might need to be done (such as labels, etc.)
  • Any charges the material vendor(s) might have for facilitating their services with WorldCat Cataloging Partners and/or any needed physical processing

You will also need to investigate you local systems needs, such as:

  • If and what data elements are required
  • What formatting is required for prices and dates, if needed

Information for logging on to the Online Service Center for profiling

Do you have an Online Service Center (OSC) account? If so, log on using your:

  • OCLC institution symbol;
  • Online Service Center user ID; or
  • Online Service Center password.

If you do not have an OSC account, it is easy to create an account from the OSC welcome page.