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Rec stat:  Record Status


ALL: Leader/05

Input Standards

ALL: System supplied. One-character code. Default: n


All formats 

The status of the record. The system supplies Rec stat. You cannot change Rec stat.


a  Increase in encoding level. If a preliminary level record (ELvl 5) is replaced by a higher encoding level record, Rec stat changes to code a. 
c  Corrected or revised. If a master record is replaced without an upgrade in encoding level, Rec stat changes to code c. 
n  New. The record has not been changed.
p  Increase in encoding level from prepublication. If a Cataloging-in-Publication record is replaced with the full MARC record (i.e., ELvl changes from code 8 to code blank character or 1), Rec stat changes to code p.

This page last revised: August 26, 2014