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Alph:  Original Alphabet or Script of Title


CNR: 008/33; 006/16

Input Standards

CNR: Optional. One-character code. Default:  blank character 


CNR, 006 

The original alphabet or script of the title on the source item upon which the key title (field 222) is based. If no key title present, the code value may relate to the title proper (field 245). This data element is mandatory for bibliographic records created or updated by one of the centers participating in the ISSN Network. For other non-ISSN Network records it is optional.


The National Serials Data Program (NSDP) and the ISSN Network require the original alphabet information of the title.
Alph:     b
222   Revista de biología del Uruguay
[Code b used if the language itself has diacritics even if the title in hand does not contain any characters from the extended alphabet.] 
Alph:     z
222   Report -- Österreichische Länderbank
[Code z used when the title incorporates words from more than one alphabet or script.] 


blank character   No original alphabet or script given/No key title. There is no alphabet or script for the key title (field 222). Use also when there is no key title (field 222) and you choose not to code Alph for the cataloging title (field 245).
a  Basic Roman. Items that include no special characters or diacritics.
b  Extended Roman 
c  Cyrillic 
d  Japanese 
e  Chinese 
f  Arabic 
g  Greek 
h  Hebrew 
i  Thai 
j  Devanagari 
k  Korean 
l  Tamil 
u  Unknown 
z  Other. Use also for key titles that incorporate words from more than one alphabet.
fill character  No attempt to code.

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