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793  Local Added Entry–Uniform Title (R)


Input Standards

1st Indicator  Nonfiling characters
No nonfiling characters
1-9 Number of nonfiling characters present
2nd Indicator  Type of added entry
blank character  No information provided
2 Analytical entry
Subfields (R=Repeatable  NR=Nonrepeatable) Input Standards 
‡a Uniform title (NR) Mandatory/Mandatory
‡d Date of treaty signing (R) Optional/Optional
‡f Date of a work (NR) Optional/Optional
‡g Miscellaneous information (NR) Optional/Optional
‡h Medium (NR) Optional/Optional
‡i Relationship information (R) Optional/Optional
‡k Form subheading (R) Optional/Optional
‡l Language of a work (NR) Optional/Optional
‡m Medium of performance for music (R) Optional/Optional
‡n Number of part/section of a work (R) Optional/Optional
‡o Arranged statement for music (NR) Optional/Optional
‡p Name of part/section of a work (R) Optional/Optional
‡r Key for music (NR) Optional/Optional
‡s Version (NR) Optional/Optional
‡t Title of a work (NR) Optional/Optional
‡x International Standard Serial Number (NR) Optional/Optional
‡3 Materials specified (NR) Optional/Optional
‡5 Institution to which field applies (NR) Optional/Optional


Nonstandard uniform title added entries. Use for added entries not supported by cataloging rules (e.g., donor or gift information or variant form). Enter information in field 793 as you would in field 730 (Added Entry–Uniform Title). Note: Alternatively, you may also use field 799 (Local Added Entry–Uniform Title). Follow local practice.

Master record retention 

Field 793 is not retained in the master record. However, it is retained in archive records, institution records, exported records, and OCLC-MARC records.

1st Indicator

Nonfiling characters. The number of character positions associated with a definite or indefinite article (e.g., An or The) at the beginning of a title and that are disregarded in sorting and filing processes.

Note: Current practice is to enter the title without articles and use 1st indicator value .

No nonfiling characters. No initial article character positions are disregarded. Use value if the title does not begin with an article.
793   Collection africaine.

Diacritical marks or special characters at the beginning of a series statement field that does not begin with an initial article are not counted as nonfiling characters.

793   Ökonomische Studien ; ‡v Bd. 22 .
1-9 Number of nonfiling characters present.  A field begins with a definite or indefinite article that is disregarded in sorting and filing processes. Enter the number of characters in the article, plus spaces, punctuation, diacritical marks and special characters that precede the first significant word.

Any diacritical mark or special character associated with the first filing character is not included in the count of nonfiling characters.

2nd Indicator

Type of added entry. The type of added entry. The values distinguish between no information provided and an analytical entry. These indicators could be used to facilitate card filing arrangements. However, OCLC does not differentiate among types of added entries for sorting cards.
blank character No information provided. Either the added entry is not for an analytic or no information is provided as to whether the added entry is for an analytic.
245 Chemical pricing patters : ‡b comparisons of annual high and low prices for 1,250 key chemicals and related process materials for the years of 1952...
500     At head of title: Oil, paint and drug reporter.
793   Oil, paint and drug reporter.
2 Analytical entry. The item contains the work that is represented by the added entry.
100 1   Barwise, Jon.
245 1 4 The language of first-order logic : ‡b including the Macintosh program Tarski's world 4.0 / ‡c Jon Barwise and John Etchemendy.
793 2 Tarski's world.


‡a Uniform title   The uniform title. Enter parenthetical information added to make a title distinctive in subfield ‡a. Use subfield ‡d to record the date of signing added to a uniform title for a treaty.
793   Genesis (Anglo-Saxon poem)
‡d Date of treaty signing   The date of signing for a treaty or other intergovernmental agreement.
793   Treaty of Utrecht ‡d (1713)
‡f Date of a work   The date of publication used with a title of a work.
793   Bible. ‡l English. ‡s Anchor Bible. ‡f 1964.
‡g Miscellaneous information  

Data not identified in other subfields.

793   Bible. ‡g Manuscripts, Latin. ‡p N.T. ‡p Gospels (Lindisfarne gospels)
‡h Medium   A media qualifier used with a title of a work in a name/title field.
‡i Relationship information   Designation of a relationship between the resource described in the 7xx field and the resource described in the 1xx/245 field of the record. This may be an uncontrolled textual phrase or a controlled textual value from a list of relationships between bibliographic resources.
‡k Form subheading   Standardized phrases added to a heading to gather records for certain kinds of materials. Form subheadings include: Manuscript; Protocols, etc.; Selections.
793   Bible. ‡p O.T. ‡p Five Scrolls. ‡l Hebrew. ‡s Biblioteca apostolica vaticana. ‡k Manuscript. ‡n Urbiniti Hebraicus 1.
‡l Language of a work   The name of the language or the term representing the language (e.g., Polyglot) of a work.
793   Lord's prayer. ‡l Polyglot.
‡m Medium of performance for music   Terms designating the medium of performance.
793   Concertos, ‡m violin, string orchestra,
[Uniform title heading is used for a work of unknown authorship]. 
‡n Number of part/section of a work   The number designation for a part/section of a work. Numbering is defined as an indication of sequencing in any form (e.g., Book two, Part 1 or Supplement A). Separate multiple numberings with a comma.
793   Notenbüchlein für Anna Magdalena Bach ‡n (1725)
‡o Arranged statement for music   The abbreviation arr. used in a uniform title field.
793   God save the king; ‡o arr. ‡f 1982.
‡p Name of part/section of a work   A name designation of a part/section of a work.
793   Bible. ‡p O.T. ‡l Hebrew. ‡f 1990.
‡r Key for music   The statement of key in which the music is written.
793   Concertos, ‡m violin, string orchestra, ‡r D major.
‡s Version   The versions, edition, etc., information.
793   Bible. ‡l English. ‡s Roche. ‡k Selections. ‡f 1990.
‡t Title of a work   The title page title of a work. Unlikely to be used in field 793
‡x International Standard Serial Number  

The International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) for a serial title given in the title portion of a name/title field. The ISSN is an agency-assigned data element.


Note: The print program provides ISSN before the number in printed series statements. The ISSN does not print in the series tracing or added entry.

‡3 Materials specified   The part of the described materials to which the field applies.
‡5 Institution to which field applies   A code of the institution or organization that holds the copy to which the field applies. Use for notes that do not apply to the universal description of the item. See MARC Code List for Organizations ( or Symbols and Interlibrary Loan Policies in Canada (
793   Index librorum prohibitorum. ‡f l570. ‡5 [MARC organization symbol]


Field 793 prints as a heading and tracing. Subfields ‡x, ‡3 and ‡5 do not print. In the tracing paragraph, the print program supplies consecutive Roman numerals for added entry tracings.

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