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720  Added Entry–Uncontrolled Name (R)


Input Standards

1st Indicator  Type of name
blank character  Undefined
1 Personal
2 Other
2nd Indicator  Undefined
blank character  Undefined
Subfields (R=Repeatable  NR=Nonrepeatable) Input Standards 
‡a Name (NR) Mandatory/Mandatory
‡e Relator term (R) Optional/Optional
‡4 Relator code (R) Optional/Optional


A name associated with a work when the name is not controlled in an authority file or list. Use also for names that have not been formulated according to cataloging rules. The names may be of any type (e.g., personal, corporate, meeting). Record the parts of names consisting of several parts in whatever order is desired. Repeat field 720 for multiple names.

Use field 720 when one of the other access fields (e.g., the 1xx or 7xx fields) cannot be used because the level of control and/or structure of the name does not meet the requirements of the other access fields. Do not use field 720 for uncontrolled names intended to provide subject access. Use field 653 instead.

1st Indicator

Type of name. A value that indicates whether the name is personal, not personal or the type is not known.
blank character Undefined. The type of name is not known or not specified.
1 Personal. The name is known to be personal.
2 Other. The name is known to be other than personal.

2nd Indicator

Undefined. The 2nd indicator position is undefined and contains a blank ( blank character ).
blank character Undefined 


‡a Name   An uncontrolled name. There are no requirements for the style, formulation or structure of name, whether it consists of one part or several. Record parts in direct or inverted order. A single occurrence of subfield ‡a contains all the parts of the name. Repeat field 720 for multiple names.
720     U.S. Energy Information Administration, Coal Statistics Division.
720 1   Blacklock, Joseph.
‡e Relator term   A designation of function that describes the relationship between a name and a work (e.g., collector, comp., ed., ill., joint author, tr.). Put multiple relator terms in separate subfields.
720     Vonderrohe, Robert, 1934- ‡e editor
720 1   Theodore K. Hepburn, ‡e inventor
720 2   CAPCON Library Network, ‡e author
‡4 Relator code   A code that specifies the relationship between a name and a work. Use more than one relator code if the name entity has more that one function. The code is given after the name portion in name/title fields. Put multiple relator codes in separate subfields. See MARC Code Lists for Relators, Sources, Descriptive Conventions (


Field 720 does not print.

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