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PCC BIBCO participants and batch processing

BIBCO is a component of the Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC). PCC BIBCO participants contribute bibliographic records for monographs in all formats to the national databases. The records they create include complete authority work, a national level call number, and at least one subject access point drawn from nationally recognized thesauri such as LCSH and MeSH.

Through OCLC batch processing, PCC BIBCO participants can:

  • Submit files of mixed PCC and non-PCC records.
  • Set holdings in WorldCat for both PCC and non-PCC records.
  • Replace WorldCat records of lesser quality with PCC records.
  • Perform maintenance on their own PCC records by resubmitting those records in subsequent files. (Note: A PCC record replaces an existing PCC record in WorldCat only if it is from the same institution that entered the record.)
  • Add non-matching PCC records to WorldCat.

PCC BIBCO participants can include their PCC records in the same file as non-PCC records. Using the criteria below, OCLC splits the PCC records from an institution's incoming file. This process creates two files—one containing PCC records and another containing non-PCC records. Or you may separate PCC and non-PCC records prior to submitting files for batch processing.

Criteria used to identify PCC records:

  • The encoding level (Leader 17) is blank or “4.”
  • The bibliographic level (Leader 07) is NOT “s” or “b.”
  • Field 042 is present and contains a single subfield (subfield a) with contents “pcc” or “PCC.” (Note: The upper-case form is not valid, the pre-processing software will correct it.

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